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Loans of HOPE: Supporting Schools, Organizations, & Great Causes


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EVERYONE WINS! Raise $ for your School, Org, Cause, while providing FREE voluntary benefits to your network. If they believe in your cause, they qualify.

  • Donations made quarterly can legally be up to 10% per Real Estate transaction with no cap on total donations ever. 
  • Zero cost to you & your members! 120+ lenders compete to give your members the best possible, PLUS discounts for almost every profession (ie. 5% grant heroes don't pay back). We only give your family the same options we would offer our own family in your situation.100% Guaranteed Fiduciary.
  • BONUS: By going through you, Members also get up to $12,000+ in credits* -- FREE underwriting (normally $995), FREE appraisal (up to $525), FREE moving truck, Real Estate Commission refunds, and more! Members also get a potential tax write-off as our donation to you will be in their name.
  • HUGE Growth Potential: Every homeowner in CA who refinances their mortgage can bring you more funds (yes, the entire state). Introduce Corporate Partners to our benefits program and every time their network uses it, more donations come in! Know any Realtors? How many people per year do they each work with? Imagine every home they ever sell or buy with clients also funds your cause.

A gift from our family to yours: Is it crazy to think your entire network of members, business owners, and realtors can bring in an extra 5k, 25k, 100k per year? There is no limit. Loans Of Hope allows for growth unlike any other home benefits program available. Start giving families more options and savings, while raising money for your cause.

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